"In" DataTable argument returning value from Invoked workflow


Does anyone know why an invoked workflow returns the DataTable although it is set to “In” direction? Isn’t that when “In” argument is defined, the scope of it should be within the invoked workflow (unless it is defined as “Out” or “In/Out”)?

I have attached the example of the workflow. In this example, a DataTable (dtTest) is passed to the workflow to be called. Inside the invoked workflow, the DataTable is cleared. When the called workflow finishes execution, the value in original DataTable is also empty.

BlankProcess.zip (11.4 KB)


The following post might help you.


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Thank you. It really resolved the mystery. :slight_smile: Have a good day.


Hi @Mon

If you have a DataTable argument is “In” of direction, set the value of argument to dataTable.Copy.

Thank you :slight_smile: it helps too

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