Issues sending HTTP Request POST json format

There may be a number of similar topics to this, but I am blocked on trying to use the proper formatting of the string to allow it to work in the HTTP Request activity.

I have been successful in using other posts, but this one is not working properly. If someone could guide me on this, I would greatly appreciate it.
“{“email”: “”,“usr”: “name_b”,“roles”: [“ROLE_SIMPLE”,“ROLE_ADVANCED”],“pw”: “mypassword”,“live”: true}”

Thank you

Hello @Trevor_Jager, welcome to the community of Uipath

Please try with the below request and see if it works

“{““email”“: ““”“,”“usr”“: ““name_b”“,”“roles”“: [““ROLE_SIMPLE”“,”“ROLE_ADVANCED”“],”“pw”“: ““mypassword”“,”“live”“: true}”

Thank you very much mzahid! That worked for me!

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@Trevor_Jager - welcome to community!

your api json string format could expecting a well structured… you can try below and let us know…

“{“email”: “”,“usr”: “name_b”,“roles”: [“ROLE_SIMPLE”,“ROLE_ADVANCED”],“pw”: “mypassword”,“live”: true}”

Thank you very much for the welcome. This particular string did not work for my. I had tried that previously. This particular value gave me an “End of expression expected” error.

Hello Trevor,
In this video I work with a complex JSON:

Cristian Negulescu