Issues in UiPath connectivity with MySQL

Hey There,

I’ve tried connecting to MySQL through UiPath, but I’m getting some or the other issues. So, I want to make sure if I’m doing it the right way. Referred to almost all the posts & been trying for 2-3 days & still there are lots of issues.

So, can someone first tell me the prerequisites for MySQL Connectivity for a 64bit system?
what is it that I need – MySQL workbench or MySQL Server? What drivers & providers? Connection string…?

I’ve received multiple errors like – Driver & DSN Mismatch, Invalid keyword:DSN, Cannot populate list type SQLConnection(JsonSerializationException), Invalid Providers, etc.

I have ODBC connectors as well, but when I setup the Data Source, it doesn’t show up there. and for System DSN, it shows me that I don’t have the admin privileges.

Someone please help :disappointed_relieved::sob:

@sandhya.dev01 Download file from the link it is connected to mysql

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