Browser is opening Continuously Multiple Times

HI Team,
I was strucked with a Showstopper in my Project.
Below is the Sample flow i followed - Please help at the earliest…


  • launch application in IE Browser
  • check for Login Screen by “Image Exists”
  • Condition: If Image NOT Exists after 30 Sec THEN, Click Browser Refresh Icon
  • Here one More Condition: In between IF Browser Crashed THEN, while trying to click on Refresh button, application will through Exception Message, which i am capturing in Try-Catch.
  • In catch, i created a Boolean variable & assigning it to TRUE.
  • When Outcome is TRUE, then it will Re-Open the Browser.
  • When Outcome is False, it will wait for another 30 sec to get the Login screen.

BUT Here, for True condition, when i wantedly Close the Browser to validate the Negative flow,
Bot is Re Opening the Browser BUT it is Continuously Re Opening & Keep on going…

Kindly assist me on this Issue.
looking forward your help and support.


Open browser activity is fired when “Browser Crashed” decision is True. check why it is always true.put some debug message.

already i am done with MsgBox.
But still it is reopening many times from Morning.

  • thanks

Attach the code pls or double check the condition in “Browser Crashed” decision. This condition is True thats why your browser is opening multiple times.

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and if it is crashed you are not closing the window which is already opened so when you trying to reopen the browser before that close the browser then reopen it.

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Can you attach the xaml file, so it will be more visible and
One more thing, use Kill activity in Catch.