Issue with the size of my Message box, it is too big and I don't find size or scroll bar options for it

Hi, I have an issue with my message box that is too big so the buttons (Yes or No) are not shown on the screen, impossible to click on it so the process is blocked.

I’ve created a message box where I show the body of a mail to ask the user to confirm if this mail is requesting an Agresso password reset or not. With some mails, the body is long so the message box is very big and don’t displays the buttons on the screen. I don’t find any scroll bar or size option to configure the message box for those cases.

Is there any way to configure the message box size or add a scroll bar to it? Is there another activity different from message box to use in those cases? Do you have any other idea to face this?

with the introduction of the forms you can check if this could be an alternate.


@Airun This is a Sample Example of using UiPath Forms to Display data and yes it does prove that, Large Data can be scrollable. Also I have added two buttons at the end of the Form, So that you can Perform the Operations when the Data is Accepted or when the Data is Rejected. Hope you will be able to understand the workflow:
Form (6.4 KB)

However you would need to Install the UiPath.Forms.Activities. You can find more details about Forms in it’s documentation


@supermanPunch @ppr Thank you both!! I was not knowing the Form activities, this is amazing!! I will test it and feedback about the result, I’ve tested the workflow attached by @supermanPunch and it seems perfect for my need! :grin: :clap:

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This is perfect!!

Just a little additional detail, do you know if this is possible to show the body of the mail a little better “Structured”?

@Airun If you can show us how do you want to structure it, then maybe we can modify the String to that form before it is Shown in the Form, so that the data will appear in the needed way.

Of course, this is one example of real mail (but the mails can be different depending on the person who sends it).

I don’t mind of the color/bold or size of text, but, at least, it can be cool if we can preserve the line breaks:

A template more or less like this can be perfect, if this is possible to obtain:

@Airun Line breaks can be applied but we would need to know where exactly to put the Line breaks. If it’s at the same position always, then it is simply done using a Replace Method, but if it differs then we may have to find all patterns available, and make sure they are the only patterns that appear in the body of mail.

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Okey, no problem, this is not very important nevermind. We can use it as plain text, if we decide to use this process on the future, this will only be used by IT team so it’s not important. If we create a process on the future for something a little more “official” we will implant a “template” mail to be used by the employees.

I’m finding issues with the form behavior, the first form that opens works fine, but, after for the next ones, workflow is a little out of control, it opens all forms even I’v still not submitted any answer for the second one and after a time delay it close the process without waiting for the answers and so without processing password reset process for any other mail. It’s a bit difficult to explain, I have a vídeo of it but it contains some confidential data of our company (I’m launching it in my real mail account, interacting with test ERP environment but it’s real data). :worried:

I’ll try to explain it a little better:

The WF executes a “Get Outlook Mails” activity and a “For Each” activity on mails. For each mail (if FullMail.contains(“agresso”) Or FullMail.contains(“Agresso”) And FullMail.contains(“password”) Or FullMail.contains(“contraseña”) is True) it must show the form that I’ve performed:

If I choose “No” it must go to the next mail, if I choose “Yes” it go to our ERP application, it search for the user and it shows another form that ask if this is the correct user to reset the password. If I choose “Yes” it reset the password and give the new password (after I must send it by mail to the requester), if I choose “No” it shows a message indicating that this password reset must be performed handly and it must go check the next mail.

With the first mail it works perfectly, the first form is shown and waits for my answer even if I take a lot of time to answer, after, it do all the yes or no steps correctly and it comes again to show the “Agresso password reset?” form, but then, instead of wait my answer, it continue checking mails and opens various “Agresso password reset?” for different mails at the same time, after this, it ends the process without having received any answer to the forms.

@supermanPunch Forget it too, I’ve solved it by placing the If out of the Form scope:

At first I placed the “If” inside the “Create Form scope” where it indicates “Drop Activity Here” and it was looping trough mails ignoring if the activities inside the Form scope were finished or not.
Now, placing the “If” after the “Create Form” instead of placing it inside, it waits that all steps in the “If” are finished to continue checking mails. :smiley: :clap:


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