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Firstly, I am new to Uipath. I am doing one simple email automation project, while doing i have one issue or query.
In IMAP mail message activity, I set Port, server, emailid, password, Top, messages as per requirement. When i run project then message box activity pop up as per “Top” (Options in Properties panel) quantity instead of one time.

what should i do for that ??
Can anyone please help me out

Hi @GaneshJadhav
Welcome to the UiPath Community!

If your Message Box activity is inside a For Each loop, then the pop up will appear as many times as there are items in your Email collection (equivalent to “Top” property)
You may use that to test something specific to each email item, e.g. Subject or From address.

To have it appear only one time, move it out of the For Each loop and it should show up only once.

Beginner Tip: If you use Log Message or Write Line activities instead of Message Box, it will not pause execution, instead you can read all the logs in the Output panel at the bottom of your UiPath Studio :slight_smile:

Happy automation!

Yeah, Its working now.
thanks for your valuable time.

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