Issue with Selectors for Dynamic Values

Issue in selecting the Dynamic buttons & Values.

1.We been automatic a Progress application. Elements and the interaction screen & button which we are seeing are the dynamic buttons & values. So, we suggest you help on this.

  1. For fetching the data, Data scraping is also not working. So, we must use the screen scraping methods, but we are getting this error : “Error performing OCR: { “Message”: “API calls quota exceeded! maximum admitted 30 per 1m” } UiPathOCRErrorInvalidResponse”.


Can you show what you are trying to do …and how website looks and if any selectors are there?

Is that a web application or a windows?

And i guess you are using community…there will be a lomit on number of calls…try using a try catch to catch this error and then wait for 1 minute before calling again.

You can check the limits from the license page on orchestrator


Hello @raviteja.althi

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Are you trying to click a button using the Click activity?

If some attribute is incrementing or if you need to pass some value to the attribute you can do that.


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