API calls quota exceeded! maximum admitted 30 per 1m

Hi there,

I am new to UiPath.

I am having issue with OCR method to automate a Citrix app. Well, I am using get text OCR inside a for each loop to click down on citrix app.
I am getting an error
"Invoke workflow: Error performing OCR: { "Message": "API calls quota exceeded! maximum admitted 30 per 1m" } UiPathOCRErrorInvalidResponse


I tried changing the scope and API keys and still getting this error after few clicks.

How can I resolve this issue.
Thank you.

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As you might be using the community version

So it’s a limitation from the UiPath

Hope this will help you


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There is a Limitation on Community Version for the likes of UiPath Screen OCR & Computer Vision,
If you go to your UiPath Orchestrator & go to licenses you will see the limitations and API Keys.
These limitations depend on either MB or Call Requests

In your for each, it might be worth adding a Catch exception handler that just adds a 1 Minute delay if you come across the limitation exception, before Retrying the step

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Thank you @Srini84 @Craig_Bannerman1


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