Issue with invoking a Python Method wich connects to Footprints Webservice via a SOAP API call

Currently I am trying to write a Python script that sends a SOAP request via urllib to the webservice API of the webtool Footprints BMC. When I run the script in PyCharm it works and for example tickets in Footprints are processed in the tool as given in the SOAP schema.

When I load the same script into Python Scope in UiPath and run it with “Run Python Script” then I get the following error.

But when I call it with Load Python Script and then Invoke Python Method, I get the following error message.

My versions:
Python 3.9.13 (openssl installed as well)
UiPath 2020.10.6 Enterprise

Thank you very much. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @Henry_K

Could you please do this simple check first:

Just to get the first debugging step out of the way.

Some further steps can be found here as well:

Thank you very much. I wasnt able to find these posts even after googling a lot…

But with these I was able to fix it.

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