Unable to invoke python script in UiPath

Hi all,

I am trying to invoke Python script in UiPath, where it should extract some info( table by getpandas) from the web application/Portal. Challenge that we are facing with the activity is “Invoke Python Method” in the properties panel we are failing to give proper ‘Input Parameters’ and the main challenge is with the python drivers(to connect with the browser in current process).

We are facing issue since couple of days, request someone to help us at the earliest.

Thanks in advance!


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Why dont you use UiPath table extraction and then apss that to python? Any specific reason?


Hi Anil,

We have tried all the possible ways to extract the data but we failed, because for every user data format is different(Selectors are changing and failing to extract the data). So we took the help of Python where extraction is happening but when invoked the python script with UiPath some driver issues facing.


Can you tell the exact error you are getting in UiPath?

Are you able to run other scripts to test first if integration is successful

Alternately…you can create a bat script to run the python script and then read the output files in UiPath or to know python run has completed can write status to a file and check that


Yes We tried with the easy scripts they work well bt the major issue comes when driver gets involved
Also the .py file is running perfectly in python compile , the issue remains is calling of driver in invoke method


As specified try with the alternate method of directly calling pyfile from cmd and then use it


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