Issue with Excel Application Scope

Hi team, do you know why the autosave and the create new file options don’t appear? I would really appreciate your help. I’m using the 2016.2.6274 UIpath trial version.

Hi there @William_Flores,
It appears that Autosave/Create New File were not added until 2017:

The AutoSave property has been added to the Excel Application Scope , enabling all child activities of this container to save the workbook after their execution ends.
The Save Workbook activity has been added. This is a child activity of the Excel Application Scope container. It enables the user to save changes made to the workbook throughout the body of the Excel Application Scope.

Thanks in advance,


You are using quite back version of uipath. please move towards 2017 or 2018 to get all options.


Can you restart the ui path studio ones and check it

I think some packages should be installed

Thanks for your help Josh, but both screenshots are the same version, one comes from my computer and the another one comes from another computer, the difference is that mine has license and the another one doesn’t.

Hi there @William_Flores,
Are you 100% sure they are the same version. I assume the licensed instance is missing the expected properties?

Can you go to each UiPath, select File → Help and check :smiley:

Thanks once again,

Hi Thanks for your answer, I tried installing the package but it didn’t work.


these are the screenshots from both computers.

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Thanks Pankaj, I’ll try doing that.