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I want to dynamically select the date of journey on red bus website how can i do it using selectors.I tried by choosing input dialog to pass row and column value but failed to get the output. kindly provide the solution

Hi @Samsanditha

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This can done by please store the value getting from input dialog box into a variable
and then using UIExplorer identify the selector of the field by using indicate element and indicate the particular element you want to make to dynamic

change the selector as below

for example you are entering the Date field as dynamic

webctrl isleaf=‘1’ tableCol=‘6’ tableRow=‘5’ tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘“&dateVar&”’ /

A Manohar

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Thanks it’s working


Hi @suraj23

Try to use UI Explorer and identify the selectors
For Example you are having problem with ID try to identify if the whole ID is changing or only some part of ID is changing if it does try to use below selector type

Try :‘UE626436D*’

OR try to send the URL I will do it

A Manohar

I tried this way, Each ID comes only once, it can’t repeat, each and every field has a unique ID
URL can not access outside from company Vlan


Try to explore with other attributes in UIExplorer

OR use Anchor Base or Image Hope u will get any results.

A Manohar