Issue with date format from csv to excel

In csv file i have date forma but when i copy it in excel file i have for some rows text format


Hi @Soudios

Did you try reading it with Read CSV in UiPath and saving it in a data table. What is the format in data table.
If possible please share the csv sample.

Here a screen from csv file, all the date have the good format.

I use read csv output data table

Read the CSV directly in the UiPath studio

ithats what i did, i don’t really understand your point

What is the challenge that you are facing?

my csv file have good date format but when i copy the file in excel the format change (I need to copy it in excel because i have a template with formulas)

How are you copying it in excel (which activity)?

yes with write range activity

It is actually showing date in improper format for rows which have date less than equal to 12 (dd)

Ok so how can i fix that ?

can you right click on csv file and open it in notepad to see the format of date.


check the attached xaml file
Correct Date.xaml (8.6 KB)
emp.txt (98 Bytes)

change the extension of emp.txt file to .csv


The missing activity is excel application scope in which I am using write range to write the outDT to an excel file.


I don’t really understand your method

Did you run the workflow and saw the output?

It still txt file


First uncheck this check box

This PC → View ->Options->Change Folder and Search Options