Date Format changed in CSV

Hi Team,

The Process

  • Read CSV file to Excel
  • Add Date column in Excel
  • Write back to CSV (Needs to be a csv, this flows in to another program)

When viewing the CSV, the date format changed to “mm/dd/yyyy” from the default excel format “yyyy/mm/dd”. Also, CSV field format is “General” not a “Date” format.




I read the forums for a solution, but nothing that really deals with this situation.

Thanks in advance

We would suggest to check following

  • read csv into a datatable
  • Add Date DataColumn
  • fill Date Column if needed (e.g. we cannot populate by data column default value)
  • write datatable to a new CSV

Thanks, but I am stuck at the generate table section.

I can use my file variable “CSV” as an input in the “DataTable” Activity.


read csv file does already read in data into a datatable while parsing the text. We do not need to feed it to a generate Data tableFrom text

instead of Now.Date take control on the format e.g. by

Thank you @ppr ,

It works.


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