DateFormat Issue


I have a very odd issue with date formatting in UiPath

I have a simple workflow that downloads a CSV file from online then saves that as an excel file and outputs the results in a data-table.

When reading the rows in the data-table, a date column sometimes comes out as ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ and other times as ‘mm/dd/yyyy’. I have 4 csv files and some of them have one format and others other format, even though on excel the dates look identical (dd/mm/yyyy) format. Has anyone faced this?

Also suggestions of a solution?


Which Activity you are using to read the excel?

Is it Excel application scope or Read Range without Excel application scope.
Try to use Read range without excel application scope, where this kind of issues will be resolved.

ive tried both, but the issue still exist

Initally i was using excel scope but this morning i created a simple workflow that reads the “.xlxs” excel file and outputs the output as datatable. I noticed it was behaving differently between different files because of the date format


can you share the CSV file?

why you need to convert CSV to Excel? you use the Read CSV.

Can you try Format Value ( From properties, Select DateTime for Format type field, give pattern as required, e.g: DD/MM/YYYY) and create a variable to Value field.
Try to write in the CSV.

sampleNotWorking.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Somehow after converting from csv to .xlsx, some of the rows of the date field is General data type rather than date.
I have no idea how thats even possible

So do I, some of the rows of the date field is General type.
Those date that is under Date type displays dd/mm/yyyy while the date under General type displays as mm/dd/yyyy. Couldn’t figure out why…