Issue with Closing the browser

I have created a process to login to the application and invoked it in “Initialize All Applications” sequence of RE-Framework. Now I want to close the browser associated with this login to the application process once my entire process gets executed. (UIBrowser output variable name is opbrowser). So I want to close this browser in “End Process” part of RE-Framework. Problem is that I don’t know how to call UIBrowser variable created in INIT part into End Process part. If I can call it in End process part, I will be able to use close tab activity and pass this browser variable (opbrowser) to it.

@sandyk You will need to pass the variable Output of Open Browser as an Argument from the “Init All Applications” workflow to “Main” workflow (Out Argument). And then Provide a UiBrowser Type Argument in “Close All Applications” Workflow of the End Process and Pass the browser Variable as In Argument


Changed type of output from variable to “out argument”. Invoked process in “Initialize All Applications” sequence. Clicked on Export Argument and assigned a variable to respective out argument…Now I am stuck here. Could you please guide me from this part?

It’s very easy just use Kill Process activity and supply ‘chrome’ in process property.

Thanks. It worked.

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