Issue with assign activity after updating to Windows Compatability

Hello, I recently updated a project to the new Windows Compatability (.Net Core), and I am now getting an error in my Assign activity. Any help would be appreciated.

Expression Used:
(From x In Dt_EmailNotification.AsEnumerable() Order By convert.Tostring(x(“Subsidiary”)),convert.ToString(x(“ExpirationDate”)) Select x).CopyToDataTable


Please try this

Dt_EmailNotification.AsEnumerable().OrderBy(function(x) x("Subsidiary").ToString).OrderBy(function(x) x("ExpirationDate").ToString).CopyToDataTable

And for the error try retyping by deleting it or use another assign and see…I don’t see an error on the code nor the code shows error in my studio

Hope this helps


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ensure the right doublequotes needed: "

(From x In Dt_EmailNotification.AsEnumerable() 
Order By x("Subsidiary").ToString() ,x("ExpirationDate").ToString
Select x).CopyToDataTable

Keep in mind:


will cause a lexically ordering

When using the method syntax from LINQ we would use the ThenBy for second ordering

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Hello @Anil_G,

First, thank you for reviewing. Are you using Windows compatibility (.Net Core 6) or Windows Legacy (.Net Framework It works when using Windows Legacy (.Net Framework), but when upgrading to Windows compatibility (.Net Core), it no longer works.


Windows is what I am on …and it works…try upgrading packages and then as said retype the formula…the double quotes are different in windows legacy and windows…"(0x22) these are the correct ones…

Hope this helps


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