Issue while running excel application scope in shared folder

When i using Excel application scope to add columns in Excel file it worked well when file was in local drive. Now I shifted my file in to common drive and it is throwing an error “Insert/Delete Columns: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800AC472”. Please help

@Hiba_B Mam can you help in this

Hi @abhide

can it be due to the authorization?

Can you maybe show a short screenshot?

Thanks for replying i get this error

All running fine except this

Do we need any separate authorization. As this is only for excel application scope rest all works fine

Seems BOT does not have access for the shared folder.


i vote with @Prem_Ponnai
i think it is a permission problem.

Can you open the file manually from the desktop where the robot is running?
So really open Explorer and insert the file path in the path bar and confirm with enter.

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