Issue while processing multiple pdf files in target path

Scenario- Target path can have multiple pdf
I have added the code from Digitize to export in Parallel for each. All stages are getting executed perfectly except the Export. In export stage, if I have two different purchase order document, after exporting both the excels have same data. Simply put the excels have data of one pdf file only.
Is there anything I am missing?
Thanks in advance

can you confirm your are extracting the files correctly? you shouldn’t use wrote range of you want the data in one file, write range should be used to create single file foe one pdf data

while extracting you need to make sure to use append range of you need one single file with all the data otherwise the data will be getting overwritten and at the end only one file’s data eill be there on the file.

create a template file and then append range

Hi @amrita.jena91,

Usually after extraction, we tend to store results that way itself wherein 1 excel file would correspond to one doc that got processed and that excel file would contain 2 sheets one named as ‘simple fields’ and another named as ‘simple fields - formatted’

So there would be excel files for all doc processed. Are you not able to see the excel files for each doc processed?

Also you might want to check the way you have saved extracted details with what is shown in below video:


Issue resolved. The scope of taxonomy variables was causing the issue.

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