Dear masters, how to extract data from combined file(more than one page with pdf extension) and store data sperate excel files in Document understanding

I need to extract pdf file which contains Invoice in 1 st page, Form 4 in 2nd page and purchase order in 3rd page etc. Now i want to store extracted each doc data in separate excel files with document name. Kindly provide solution. Tq


First use Extract PDF Page range to extract each page from pdf

then use document understanding or Regex patterns to extract data as separate flows


Hi @Lokesh_M2 ,

Have you Checked out the Document Understanding Template provided by UiPath in the Templates Section. It should cover your case. Although you might need to make some changes in the Export part for Writing the Data to separate Excel files.

However, Do check the Template provided and let us know if you were able to use it or encountered any exceptions. The Handling of Multiple Document Types is also done in the template.

Ok. i will try @Anil_G

I will check it and i will work.Tq for info @supermanPunch