Issue when read date format from excel

Hi everyone.

I have 2 excel files with same format .

But i dont understand why it read cell ( date format ) from 2 files are different.

File1: 12/11/2020 ( dd/MM/yyyy ) . it read correct into 12/11/2020
File2: 12/11/2020 (dd/MM/yyyy). but it read incorrect into " 11/12/2020 00:00:00 "

How to do fix this?

Thanks in advance!

File 2 have a different DateTime format in the file. See file date-time format in the file

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@Mr.H Use preserve format checkbox checked while using Read Range activity

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Thanks you everyone.

I have found solution from link : Read “date” type in excel turns out “datetime” type - Build - UiPath Community Forum