Issue to write exception in Excel

Hi ,

I am trying to write something in excel with the help of Write cell. I am facing below Error:

Kindly Help me to resolve my Issue

Can you please try uninstalling the Excel package once and reinstall.
Also if you have installed openXML and closedXML packages, please update them to previous version.

Hi Madhavi
Thank you so much for your reply,
Please tell me the way how to find previous version.
I mean How to check that the version is previous or not.



  1. Open Manage packages window in your UiPath studio.
  2. Select the package that you need to upgrade/degrade
  3. Select the version from the drop down
  4. Click on Update
  5. Click Save

Hi Madhavi,

I have done the same as suggested by you, But still facing the error.
Kindly Suggest.


Are you using UiPath 2018.2 version?

Its studio 2018.4.1 Enterprise Edition.

Try reading the excel and print some data out of it… if there is a problem with reading the excel data it should be a different issue.