Issue occurred during loading excel

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I am downloading excel file from SAP system and saving it on local path. When I click on download, it will take some time to open excel i mean initially it will open blank excel then after some time i.e. 5-10-15 seconds will take to load data into that excel and after loading data only I have to save it. If I am saving data when excel is downloading/opening then it may have no data in it hence we have to wait till data loaded properly then save it. When it get loaded then always A1 cell have value as β€œTime”

I have tried

  • Taken element exist pointing to A1 cell
  • Used Do while loop. In do ,action is - Get text of A1 celll. in condition tab, the condition is - gettext o/p = β€œβ€β€¦

Still it is getting failing. so what is the best way to handle it.

before loading excel is -

After Loading Excel is -

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@Shirish Use Element Exist activity before Save As operation. Please mark it as a solution if it works for you.
Sequence7.xaml (21.5 KB)


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