Issue : Method not found : "Void Mimekit.Paramter.set_encodingMethod"



I have provided the below details for the SMTP send email
Port : 465/587(tried both)
server : “
Logon Email : ""
Logon Password : “xxxxx”

Kindly help to sort of this exception.


Looks like there is old version of dll resides in the system.
make sure to update the mail package from package manager if available
also check the .net framework version in the machine. (install kb update according to your OS)
minimum 4.5.2



My system is with the latest updates.

  1. .NET Framework 4.6.1
  2. KB890830
  3. Mail Package is latest i have verified from the package manager.

Kindly let me know if anymore prerequisites need to check.Thanks in advance.



I had the same issue today (after updating to to 2018.1.4) where mail activities was latest version but kept getting that error.

What I found was that MimeKit version was and an update was available ( you need to uncheck Filter Activities).
After update to version (which was latest available from Package Manager), the error stopped and SMTP send resumed working.

Good luck!


I’m Facing the same error, Where the workflow runs completely fine on Windows7 RDC & This Error pops up while working on windows 10.


I am facing the same error, but if I look at the updates on the packages from package manager I cannot found the version. Any help?


Uninstall current version in package manager and try install the version available! Try doing this couple of times by restarting the PC if it doesn’t work.