Issue In SAP - Quiz



Hi Team,

In SAP test, test information showing ‘Total Questions - 8’ and in actual there are only 6 questions.
After submitting test it’s showing only 66.67% mark obtained, I have tested it for several times but not worked for me.
Kindly help, and if this is an exception please correct it ASAP.

Refer attached snapshots -

Thanks In Advance


@Pratik.hase I think some of your answers might be wrong. Please check your answers thoroughly


Hi Manju,

Appreciate your prompt response.
But, First of all you see the total no. questions included in test is 8 and actual test questions are only 6.
Also, I have ensured all 6 answers were right.



@Pratik.hase raise issue with uipath team. They may solve your issue. Before doing this restart and check whether all questions are coming or not.