Issue in list item selection with predefined value

I have to set a predefined value read at run-time such as “30 days” in the list (drop-down) in that attached dropdown. I have tried multiple ways. Please help on this.image

Did you tried the following activity. Please check -


Select Item is not working .image1
It is of type List
<webctrl id='a31' tag='LI' />

What is the selector you are getting when selecting 30 days while recording?

<webctrl id='a23' tag='LI' /> for 30 days

Try using the Select Item with simulate click option… Does it work for you?

no…it gives an error stating “Element has no item”


Try expanding the dropdown list, then use UI Explorer to select the item of the dropdown list. Try using that selector to select the item you need. You can make it dynamic if required… Could you share that selector with us of that doesn’t work? might be able to help

I tried by expanding the dropbox.Below is the selector. For 30 days,
<webctrl id='a1' tag='LI' />

@psachan Is your dropdown list constant? Does it always contain only those items you have shown above? If so, try automating using hotkeys for eg if your run time value is 3 days, load dropdown and press down arrow 3 times. You can create a counter and assign respective number for down click based on input value.


Thanks it solved my issue :slight_smile:

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