Issue in "Configure Extractors" for ML Extractor against a ML Skill

I have a deployed ML Skill up in AI Center in UiPath cloud. Now I’m trying to configure the ML Extractor itself.


When I click on the “Get Capabilities” button, this popup doesn’t disappear. The values are cleared out and it remains. Is that the expected behavior here ?

Also, when I cancel out of this and physically go into the “Configuration Extractors” for the Data Extractor Scope and into the specific document to be configured, it shows this:

Notice the red circle part. No dropdowns. So at this point I can not map my ML schema elements to my taxonomy.json fields/columns :frowning: I have a feeling the “Get Capabilties” button is indicating something is wrong but the Studio Logs are not showing anything.

Any idea if the Get Capabilities is the problem and where the issue may be ?


From one of Lahiru Fernando’s many wonderful videos, the Configure Extractors view for the ML Extractor should look like this - notice the dropdowns:

Hi @riverrat437

Yes your right there should be a drop down after you click on get Capabilities to map with the fields in Taxonomy.

Please generate a new API key and use it here, and also refresh the ML Skill and try again to get Capabilities.

Hope it works,


I found the issue. For some unknown reason, when I first tried adding a brand new ML Extractor I immediately got the typical config popup to configure the ML Extractor. When I clicked on the “Get Capabilties” button, as mentioned above, it did not work but I got no errors.

So I went into the “Configure Extractors” within the Data Extraction Scope and click on the (unfortunately) unlabeled cog wheel under Minimum Confidence:

That pops up the config screen again and clicking on “Get Capabilities” button again worked and I was able to do the mapping. Unfortunately, the Studio logs show no errors during this issue.

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