Issue for type into

  1. While selecting for the type into I am not able to select exact field in place the complete area getting highlighted. So please guide me how can I break into small unit or how to create micro selector. for reference please find images 1 & 2.

  2. in the second issue I am getting trouble while copying text from the web address to excel file. for more detail, you can refer to

    image no. 3 & 4.

Please let me know if you can help me out

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Hi @nole_1,

Please try the same with internet explorer and you may get individual selectors.

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we all highly suggest you to use IE and not Chrome as chrome is infamous to be incompatible with a lot of stuff, and selectors are not very stable as well

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—I hope those elements are not selectable
So we can navigate through each cell with a SEND HOT KEY activity with key tab
—followed by this send hot key use a type into activity with the strings we want to type and here we don’t need to select any element as the cursor is already set to position with the tab key on send hot key activity
So the sequence be like
—send hot key with key tab
—type into activity with string with + “[k(enter)]” atlast or we can use another send hot key activity next to this with enter key
—send hot key with key tab
—type into activity with string
… goes on till last field

The issue was like the for each row loop and the web should not be in different sequence
Place that web sequence inside the For each row loop and it would work

Cheers @nole_1

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