Issue extracting and finding column excel

Hello to everyone,
I need help, I’ve extracted a excel file and everything seems well extracted. I have 56 columns in the datatable.

But when processing uipath crashes for not finding the 56 column.
I’ve ouput in a for each row and I have the needed columns:
55 “,”

What am I missing here?

I don’t understand the question completely but the index of column 56 is 55 because the index starts at 0.

Once you extract the table please use write line to check dt.Columns.count.tostring. will give you number of columns in the excel that has been extracted as datatable.

let us know if this helps,

Pavan H

@iwishikn, when extracting data, did you check the AddHeaders so it reads the first row as Header?

Thank you guys, I got the issue solved. When I was using the 55 I was also getting a error. The main reason for the data issues was memory related after all.