Issue during Assignment 2 Generate yearly report while moving to next page

Hi All,

While working on assignment 2 of advanced course, I have prepared dispatcher process as per walk through document. But after navigating few pages successfully, the element appear activity throws an exception as activity timeout exceeded. When I tried debugging the workflow, I found that the selector properties vary between pages.

I am using below selector in my elementappear activity

I also tried repairing the selected using UI explorer where it updated the selector as below

But still the same exception occurs. What should the correct selector in this case. I tried with adding parent class, href, tag and lot more parameters but no luck.


Please check below thread.

Hi Lakshman,

As i said earlier the selector is working fine for initial few pages so I believe the link you suggested is not valid in my case as it is working for some pages. Also my issue is w.r.t Element Appear activity and not Element exists though it looks like the issue with selector only.

Please suggest.


use Element Exists activity instead using On Element Appear activity.

Hi Lakshman,

With element exist, I will not be able to extract data then. On element appear activity I am supposed to extract the data in data table and then put WIs matching the criteria to the queue.

Hi Vishnu,

Try the below selector which I used. Its working fine for me.
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘ACME System 1 - Work Items’ />” + “<
webctrl aaname=’”+in_TransactionItem+"’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

Here you can take either “in_transactionItem / TransactionNumber”, both represents the current page number.

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Thanks Ramya, I was able to move ahead of this hurdle.

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