Generate yearly report dispatcher - Complication

Hi All,

Could you please help me to solve below error:

On Element Appear ‘SPAN’: Activity timeout exceeded

Hi @Shah

try to use Element exists activity

Ashwin S

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Hi @AshwinS2
As per the documents, it suggests us to use element appear activity

Yeah, ofcourse. But both the activities serves same purpose similarly @Shah

Go with Element exists

Hi @HareeshMR,
Will I be able to use dynamic selector with element exists?

Ofcourse you can, but I don’t find any scenario to pass the element exists activity with dynamic selector @Shah… please try

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Hi @HareeshMR,

How do I solve below error?

message": “For Each Row Faulted”,

What are you trying to loop @Shah?

Hi @HareeshMR,
I’m trying to run below activity…

Hi All,

Please help to fix this issue.

You don’t need to check if it exists or not @Shah

You just need to use data scraping and it will prompt you whether you have pagination or not, click yes and then select the pagination number

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Hi @HareeshMR,

While executing the dispatcher, it is getting stopped at Page 1 itself and not moving to other pages in the acme website. What could be the issue?

I’m not sure about this, but seems acme site is having some issues now. Can you check if it is working manually?

Manually it is working @HareeshMR

Can you confirm , when the data scraping prompts you the screen like if you want to scrape data from multiple pages, you clicked yes and indicated the page number 2 ?

@HareeshMR yes i did. below is the error:

You are using it in for each loop @Shah?

Thats confusing. Only extract data table will scrape the data from all the pages, you don’t need to loop or you don’t need to indicate the page numbers once the activity is recorded

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@HareeshMR, it is moving to page 2 but further it is not moving to other pages.

@HareeshMR please find my attached process file and assist me.

Process.xaml (13.8 KB)