Is Uipath Certification valid for lifetime or it has some validity limit?

I just cleared the Uipath Foundation Certification. I am really glad I was able to do it in such a less span.I hear from somewhere that this certificationis valid for only one year. I got depressed when I heard about it.
But still I am not sure if it really like that, Because I never heard it before. This person tells me that once an year is over, your certification makes no sense.So you gotta do the certification again.
Please give me confirmation regarding the same.
Thanks and regards,

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Yes Every Certification offering from Uipath Even Enterprise Bot developer as well having only one year validay because of version release every Year.

and Regarding that person who was saying it has been over or expired just asked him Uipath does not work anymore on the same basic concept in newer version as per his/her knowledge:? i mean it was really a funny statement that do the certification again? there no massive changes in terms of how to use acitivities and work with custom code and all common guys :slight_smile:

@Roxana_Stratila will be the right person to update you on this :slight_smile: more aspect from Uipath side

I m not aware fully that if you will appear again then you will be judged only on new features only and cost will be same or less :slight_smile:



I understand, but my concern is, “once one year is completed”, is it that this certification makes no sense?
thanks and regards.

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It depends on the person who is taking or sitting in front of you and his thinking and level of understanding :slight_smile:

I mean is it that “I would have to redo the entire certification all over again, in order to validate my certification?”

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wait for official updates from @Roxana_Stratila

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Hi all,

I understand the confusion around this topic. Please find below a brief explanation:
All the diplomas granted after the completion of the free online courses on Academy (Foundation, Orchestrator, Advanced Training, SAP) are attesting that the user attended and completed the course. This statement is valid for life as well as the diploma ( I know in some old templates the documents received from the platform state that they are valid for 1 year but this does not apply anymore).

The Advanced RPA Developer certificate is granted after a user has completed the Advanced Learning Plan (L1 + L2 + L3) and has been enrolled in a certification exam, lead by one of our instructors. After passing this examination they are granted a certificate attesting they have been tested and are fully capable of building a solid automation solution. This document is valid for 1 year, after this you would need to be reexamined.

Let me know if you need more details on the topic,


Hi @Roxana_Stratila,

I understand what you say and all my concerns are satisfied. I have completed “foundation” and “orchestra-tor”. And now looking for trying out “advanced”. I am glad to know that both of my certificates (foundation and orchestra-tor) would be valid as a proof of me being clear with basic and orchestra-tor part.Also I hear that I need to be updated with the advanced certificate on a yearly basis.That all about my understanding. Can you please verify this with your response to me?

Also, that being said, I need to be working on advanced certification. I was wondering what would be my approach regarding the same. Can you please tell me the process which is to be followed?

Waiting for your response.

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After completing the advanced level, you must do the RPA Developer Certification exam which is free until December 31th, The exam has a theoretical(45 min) and a practical part (3:30 H). You Must understand very good the Robotic Enterprise Framework which is the main topic in the advanced level


Hi Roxana,

Ive completed my Advanced Learning Plan (L1+L2+L3). Can you do share me the details regarding certification exam and the how to proceed…

Thanks in advance…

Hi, you can follow this link for how to proceed.

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HI, Trying to complete the Certification final quiz and facing the technical issues.After every 2 questions getting the time out error and one or two questions are getting skipped. Error screen shared as below. Kndly do suggest how to go ahead,

Due to this issue, i couldnt complete the test and lost a chance.

Could be a browser issue. I don’t know though. @loginerror

No it is not a browser issue :wink: you can clearly see even in image :slight_smile:

A 502 error isn’t a problem at the user end; it means that is a problem with the website itself. … It relates to the communication between a gateway or proxy server that has accepted an invalid response from an upstream (or origin) server.

Keep checking it will work on referesh too :slight_smile:

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Indeed, we are constantly trying to improve the back-end to handle the love :slight_smile:

If you unfairly lost a chance due to the technical outage, please contact our Academy support and they should assist you.

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Hey Thanks to all for your replys.

Im done with my online test and cleared.

Ive one query. How much time it will take to process the work flows for the final practical test?

thnks in advnce

Thank you all folks. Completed my Certification.