Certification Validation

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I got the UiPath Foundation Diploma and Orchestrator Diploma on 28-Jan-2018. Are they still valid as certifications or do I have to re-certify my self?



I think those certificates are valid for 1 year only. Check in academy Level 1 revamped and Level 1 foundation 2018.3 trainings are there and complete it and then you will get new certificates. And also same for orchestarator also.

Q: What is the validity of the RPA Developer Advanced Certification?

A: The RPA Developer Advance Certification is valid for 1 year.

Q: How can I renew my certification?

A: Recertification process will be available soon. Until we will announce it, you are considered certified.

Hi @indrajeet6,
Diploma Certificates’ Validation is life long but the RPA advance Certification is valid only one year.

But you can do the new diploma courses that which they have been updating the time.

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Please use below link to validate your uipath diploma

Just got mine today thanks to @Jan_Brian_Despi for mentoring me.

I’ve been waiting for updates on this. @Forum_Staff Do you guys know anything about the Recertification? Thanks!

I dont see diploma code on the certificate. I mean, i completed Level-1 Foundation, Level-2 Orchestrator and Level-3 Advanced level; I dont see diploma codes on the certificate.
How do i validate it?

you just need to complete Advanced certification Part I Quiz1 45 multiple choice, and Part II Practical. follow the link and good luck. https://certificate.uipath.com/

Thanks @josue2902 for reply. Somebody in this post said that we can validate our diploma certificate; that’s why i raised my doubt.
However, if i understood correctly, we can validate Advanced Developer Certificate only; and
not level-1, orchestrator or advanced level-3 diploma certificates.

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