Orchestrator software requirements Elasticsearch & Kibana versions

The Orchestrator 22.04 Software requirements page states that Elasticsearch & Kibana are supposed to be installed in version 7.16.2 max, which is Log4j affected.

Is it possible to also use 7.16.3, where the Log4j exploit was fixed? My concerns are that, when using a version that’s not explicitly stated in the documentation, problems might occur or that the installation is seen as out of support, or something like that.

Typically, there shouldn’t be any impact with minor versions.

But if you want to play safe, you could try starting with 7.16.2, install orchestrator, then upgrade ELK to 7.16.3.

Since you are installing orchestrator, I’m assuming you have a license code. Best to contact UiPath Support to confirm or if you encounter any issues during / after installation.

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