Is there possible create an argument with options?

Hello, it’s my first time here, then, sorry if i’m in the wrong section.

I want to create an argument with options when i initialize a project in Orchestrator, like the Boolean Option that have only true or false option

Is there possible i create something like this? Configure my own options in a argument?

I’m trying to put images, but i’m new here and i can’t yet.


Can you try the following step?

First, create project and make in-type boolean argument in Main.xaml

Then, publish it to Orchestrator.

In Orchestrator, create process and set true or false for the argument if necessary.


@Yolchi, i put the boolean as an example, i tried to put images to make my question more cleary but the forum didn’t allow.

I want to make something like this

( ) Option 1 ( ) Option 2 ( ) Option 3

I don’t want the user write “Option 1” in a field, but select this option.

did i manage to explain now?


How about the following?



I think in this possibility too, if i can’t do this argument Option, i will make like your sugestion.

Thanks for answer me. :slight_smile:

you can create the assets also 3 Boolean assets in orchestrator and provide the user to choose before the process and use this assets in the place where you want to set the conditions.

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