Create/update Boolean asset using Orchestrator API

I want to create/update Asset with Boolean value via orchestrator Api

JSON payload:

  • ex: URL odata/Assets(AssetID)
  • Body:
    “ValueScope”:“global/per robot”,
    “Boolvalue”: true,
    “ID”: assetid

But it is not working…
Please note, I am able to create/update string asset value via Orchestrator API but unable to do for boolean asset as it only takes boolean variable and JSON playload takes string value.

Any input please??

Hi @Pinky_AG

When working with boolean values in JSON payloads, we have to ensure that we are using the correct syntax to represent the boolean value.

In JSON, true and false are not surrounded by quotes, unlike string values.

Here is an example of a JSON payload to create/update a boolean asset in Orchestrator using the API:-

“Name”: “BooleanAsset”,
“ValueScope”: “Global”,
“ValueType”: “Bool”,
“BoolValue”: true,
“Id”: “assetid”



Value is missing in the payload…please try with this …it is working as expected

  "Name": "testbool2",
  "CanBeDeleted": true,
  "ValueScope": "Global",
  "ValueType": "Bool",
  "Value": "true",
  "BoolValue": true



I tried this method but it always gives me 400 error.

Processing: 16829377900118510834023628930330.jpg…

You have multiple ways to update a Boolean Asset in Orchestrator.

  1. Use the Set Asset activity from the UiPath.System.Activities package


  1. Use a Rest API call for "/odata/Assets(your_asset_ID)" in an HTTP Request activity from the UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package


Request URL: ""
Method: PUT
Accept Format: JSON


Body Format: application/json
Authorization: “Bearer ey…”
x-UiPath-organizationunitid: “YOUR_FOLDER_ID”
content-type: “application/json”