Is there any way to search keyword in excel rather than to use Ctrl+f?

Hi is there any way to search the keyword in excel rather than using ctrl+f, bcz If I search 100 times it will open 100 times then it will populate the data accordingly. So definately it will take lot of times. Any method you suggest.


  1. read the excel file with excel application scope and read range activity and the output would be a datatable
  2. use for each row activity to iterate through this datatable.
  3. use a if condition within the for each row and put condition like
  4. if any of the row in first column found the word, in then part of if you can carry out any task you want or with else part with any activities
    5…IF you are not aware of find column that keyword exists use an while loop with counter initialized with default value 0
    counter = outdt.Columns.Count
    and use the if condition that used already but use counter instead of 0
  5. now increment the counter plus 1 and the loop will go for all column with one by one row
  6. Thats all buddy you are done

Hope this would help you



I want to know one thing: After finding the keyword, what you will do ?

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After finding the keyword, I want to go to the particular column and want to fill the value.
As I have a template which I have to fillup, the input is coming from many excel files, so first I have to read the one file and search the keyword in the input file if finding then will fill the value against that column if not then search the next keyword like that. I have to this for all the excel

Using the find activity in the below link can able to perform the search functionality instead of using Ctrl+F.