Identify Keyword in excel file


The excel file does not have a standard template and i need to find if a keyword exists anywhere in the excel sheet. Headers will not available in these sheets.Please let me know the efficient way to do it and the keyword search should be performed with wild card.

For example, if an excel file has 4 sheets, i have to perform this operation in all 4 sheets. I have used Workbook.GetSheets to get the sheet name and loop through all the sheets. I need to find if any of the cell has keyword and pperform string operation on it.

Hello lissynikkytha…

I understand your concern and personally could not solve the issue but while trying to find solution, here is what I have found similar issue that was resolved. Hope this will give you some idea about your concern as well. Ignore if no use.

Mansi Rao

I verified these links. But it doesnt help me with the current scenario