Mark found IP address and copy it

Hello All,
i have a problem with copy IP address which is always different.
I’ve found idea how to find the element, but i have no idea how to mark it and copy.
Could you help me?

I could click on this element 3 times and then it’s marked and I could copy it, but i don’t know how to click 3 times.
While doesn’t work, cause i have to click fast.

Hi @tomasz.kalucki and welcome to UiPath Community !
What about using consecutive click sequences ?
In click activity, in the properties on the right you have MouseButton option. Its maximum is a double click, but still, if you use it in double click, then use another click activity with a single click, it may help.

Sometimes in these cases, they are keyboard shortcut; maybe you should investigate on it.
Also, instead of drag&drop activities, maybe by trying the recorder in UiPath Studio ribbon, the action that you need may be simplfied.

Also, if you just want the element, then using get text activity may be enough as it has a string output