Is there any up-to-date public location with all UiPath nuget packages?

I need to programatically (so without using Studio) find the dependencies of dependencies (i.e. the whole dependency tree) for the packages used inside an UiPath project.

For the moment I’m scanning the UiPath installation folder for the packages used in the project and get their further dependencies from the *.nuspec file from each nuget package.

But need to be careful to regularly update UiPath to the latest version to keep it up-to-date.

I was thinking that there is a place either on a github public repo, or on UiPath portal where I could get any of those nuget packages, without having to care about updating.

Hi Teodor!

Maybe you can check and get updates from here:

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Sounds good, will have a look. Thanks

Edit: @Marcelo_Guimaraes had a look and it contains only a small subset of the packages from the UiPath installation path

Hi, welcome to the community!
I would not do that, specially in production if i were you… You never know what could happen to the processes if you keep updating everything all the time without testing them… The best is to wait for the stable releases and update things accordingly…

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In the end I’ve found the following URLs:

  1. This one I could put in Nuget Package Explorer and have all UiPath packages accessible/searchable inside the tool:

  1. This one gives retreives an XML where, after parsing/loading it, all UiPath packages can be found inside it:

Those options are good enough for what I was looking for, and hope it may be useful also for others in the future.

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