Caching issue in UiPath or NuGet Package Explorer

I am facing strange behavior when I am installing NuGet Packages activities. UiPath seems to store earlier version of the activity package which is developed just now. While browsing through “Manage Packages => Available Packages” menu, it shows correct version of NuGet package, but activities inside that in UiPath Studio are of older version.

Does UiPath or "NuGet Package explorer has caching issue? If yes, how to solve this so that whenever I change Nuget package, latest one should be available for installation in UiPath Studio?

How about navigate to package folder and delete all the packages and install again from package manager.

Hi @ddpadil
No Luck. I tried that already. To give better idea, first snap below is of actual CodeActivity class (as per that, UiPath should show “TDC Client” name in available activities

However, UiPath shows “TDC Client V 1” which is earlier version of the CodeActivity class.


I am using UiPath Community version. Just in case it helps to solve my problem