Is there any inbuilt activity for Capture Time for each step

Hi all
Can anyone please let me know for how to capture the time for each step in uipath?

@its easy you can get systems time

please use as you required.
Use System.DateTime.Now to get current system date and time.



You can also get time in specified format using System.DateTime.Now.ToString(“hh-mm-ss”)

Hey @divya.17290,

If you will enable the “Log Activities” from the Debug Tab in UiPath studio. The log with time stamp would get generated for each activity.

The Execution log file you can access at the location


How can we capture it programmatically?

Hi @divya.17290,

There are no inbuilt timer methods for each activity you use in UiPath.

However, a new set of activities were announced this week and will be available in the 2022.08 update of Community edition. Release notes here : UiPath Community 2022.8 Preview Release

The new timer activities can be one of the alternatives you can use to time your activities.

Here is a sample TestCase workflow, you can use this on any UiPath workflow does not need to be a test case.
As per the release, the Timer activities are part of the Testing.Activities. This is not true, the timer activities are under System.Activities, so any new project you create will have these timer activities included provided that the System.Activities version is 22.08 preview or over.

The only disadvantage of this approach is that you need to define multiple Timer objects if you want to check execution times of multiple activities in your workflow.

Here is the sample project zip : (128.8 KB)

Some additional input:
Also the TimeoutScope is a great activity to avoid activities like Invoke PowerShell to stop its execution when the Timeout value is reached.

Hope this helps you and others.

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