Configuration on Test Manager

Hi, in case if the scheduled automated test case failed in the test manager, is there a way or mechanism to notify the users about the status of the test case after its run? Besides that, can UiPath Test Automation be used to do the performance testing of a website, for example, to test the speed or response of a website when 2 users login concurrently?

Appreciate your time to look into these queries. Thank you.

Hello @ngweijie97

I have changed the category from feedback to help for better visibility. Here do you need the status In the Test manager or are you looking for a report?


we are working on such mechansims atm to offer a customizable notification service. Planning horizon for this might be mid next year.
In the meantime, you could run job after the test run that queries the test result and e.g. sends out notifications or uses Action Center to create and assign actions.

About Performance Testing:
We do not yet offer a Load Testing solution but in 22.10 we have some new timer activities and an automation profiler within Studio that might help.

Hi @ngweijie97,

Referring to what @ThomasStocker mentioned:

In my view, the Timeout scope activity is great for usecases where you want to intergrate with external thread based activities like PowerShell, PythonScope etc. Before this there was no way of exiting from an external process called by UiPath and returning to the workflow.

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