Is there any course for API in Uipath Academy?

i got a new bot, in which i am going to use API.
Is there any course in academy to learn about api or any source from youtube as well if you guys know any.

Bhagyaraj Digumarthi


API consumptions are mostly HTTP requests and this series of videos helped me get started: HTTP | Part 1: Introduction to HTTP Requests - YouTube

The second video is where they talk about APIs and endpoints: HTTP | Part 2: Introduction to APIs and API Endpoints - YouTube

It would be helpful to have the documentation of the API you’re working with in front of you while developing. If you’re working with the Orchestrator API, you can type /swagger at the end of the Orchestrator URL in the address bar and you will get access to its documentation.

Make sure the add the UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package to use the HTTP Request activity:


Hope this helps!

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Hey @argin.lerit Actually i need to update or you can say i have to input a string in a Tab in a web page, Can i do that?

I wanna follow this thread is you don’t mind
I’m interested in future answers :sweat_smile:

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Definitely as long as the website has an accessible API. What website is this and did you find their API documentation?



Whenever you work with api remember first get the official documentation from the website you want to interact using api…that site would contain detail information of how the api looks

Later first try hitting the api using postman as it is meant for that and it is easy to configure and understand if there are any errors

Once you are good with the constructed api…then from postman you can copy the curl and import it into UiPath seemlessly using import function in http request activity

Later most of the times the response you get is in a jaon format so ypu can use deserialize json activity to convert the response string to json and acess it easily

Hope this helps



Hi @Bhagyaraj_Digumarthi1

UiPath Academy does not offer a specific course solely dedicated to API in UiPath



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