How to extract the data by using API's

I have a website , so i want to get the data by using API’s activities

Can you send me a example workflow

Thank you,!

Hi @priyachennuru789

You can use the HTTP request activity to get the data by using API’s.

→ Install the UiPath.WebApi.Activities package.
→ Drag and drop the HTTP request activity.
→ Click on Configure option and provide the URL in the End point field.
→ Select the GET in the Request Method dropdown.
→ Create a variable in the Response Content option in properties,

Check the below image,

Hope it helps!!

Hi @priyachennuru789

Use UiPath.WebAPI.Activities.

HTTP Request Activity

Check the below Docs

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Hi @priyachennuru789

Try this:


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First check the feasibility and availability of API for the website you are trying.
If API’s available, then check if you can get the access or not.

If first 2 points are green then use HTTP Request activity to interact with API.

Ashok :slight_smile:

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