Is there any add-on to work with Quickbooks Desktop?


I’m having issues developing an app to process Quickbooks transactions. The reason is because UIPath Studio Recorder (Desktop or basic) does not detect most of the Quickbooks UI elements. See the image below:

I was able to record actions with Computer Vision but I don’t know how much I would be able to record. We have an Enterprise license with 30 megapixels/min.

Is there anything I can install to be able to identify QB elements?

Thanks beforehand


If it’s a JAVA based application, then make sure JAVA EXTENSION is installed and only then we will be able to access the elements in that application

For more details

or if it’s not a Java based application then try with other modes of accessing elements

Open UiExplorer and click on UIFramework and try those three options one by one for accessing the elements and find the right one for your appli

Cheers @stan_rod

Hello @Palaniyappan,

Looks like Active Accessible Framework is kind of working. Even though it’s not detecting the labels, It’s detecting some of the inputs. I’ll keep playing around to see what I can achieve.

Thank you for your fast response