How to read large excel file in excel automation

i have excel which has 1 lakh rows how can i read in Ui path…is it possible?thank you in advance


Hi @sathya_auto

Yes, you can read those excel file which contains 1 Lakh rows.
You can use read range workbook activity to read the excel and store in a datatable.

Note - But Read range workbook activity takes much time to read the file because it was large in size and more rows.

Hope it helps!!

consider if rows has 10 lakh…or file is around 2gb is it possible?


@Anil_G @Yoichi @ppr can you please me is it possible to read excel which has large number of data.


Use excel as database and use select queries to read excel…as the file is huge this would be a better approach


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ok anil will try it thankyou


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@sathya_auto Please refer below thread.

got it thankyou anil

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