Is there a way to check if a string is a real word?

if i have a string with a spelling mistake like:
str = “wordz”
is there a way to check if it is a real word?

Does this need to be validated through the bot process? You can call some external web services to validate the text.

Hi @Rowley101 , This is the part of ML skills , not sure if their is any predefined ML Skill of uipath to check this.

Hi @Rowley101
You can try to use some of ML part using python or by using some api which check for spell check
Extending the answer of @ermanoj3101 ,
You can check the link for this

This link will show different options to check the spelling check,
But the better way is either using nltk library in python to go for spell check [ nltk is popular module in python for Natural Language Processing] as specified in the link
code for that [referred from the link]

write this python code and invoke in uipath using UiPath.Python.Activities

hope this would help

Nived N
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