Check for grammar mistake in the data table and provide suggestion as output

I want to make a automation which checks for grammar mistakes in a data table and provides correct suggestion as output.

For example: datatable A contains column ID and Description and it should check the description column for grammar mistakes and provide suggestions.

Is there any possible way I can achieve this?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

You’d want to find an api that can check grammar errors. Then call the api with the text from datatable as input.


Please check this on a detailed explanation


Hi @iced ,
Do you want to check spelling?
Or check if the content matches the id?
I need a specific check rule here

Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1


|1|Nick|my name are nick|
|2|Sam|my nme i sam|
|3|John|my name is john.|

Look for the spelling error and grammar mistake also and provide correct suggestion in new column like shown below:

Expected Output:

|1|Nick|my name are nick|my name is nick|
|2|Sam|my nme i sam|my name is sam|