Is there a way in Orchestrator to change out an Asset that the program uses by the hour?


I was wondering if there is a way to first create a couple of string Assets in Orchestrator. Then for example, if it is 10am you would use Asset 1. If it is 11am, then we’re going to use Asset 2.

Is this possible?

Thank you,

Mark S.

Hi Mark,

Yes you could totally do that. Create a couple of assets in Orchestrator and when you are building your workflow, have conditions to check; Possibly use a switch case to pick different asset values based on time.


Thank you, yes this is what I was thinking. If I’m going to be using a Switch, I’m not seeing any point of using an Asset in Orchestrator. I might as well just build it into the program. Does that sound right to you @PD2 or am I not thinking of something I can take advantage of with Orchestrator?